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Three Paid Sick Days is Not Enough for Ontario Workers

Previously, paid sick days have been repeatedly voted down in the Ontario legislature, and in May 2021, the Ontario Government made the decision to act. The announcement of paid sick days for Ontario workers, while welcome, misses the mark by a great deal. People who need to be off work, especially if exposed to or showing signs of COVID-19, may well need more than three days to get well before returning to work. As well, the new program is very temporary, set to end in September 2021.

We need to put pressure on the Ontario Government to implement more days as recommended by the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table.

The Science Advisory group reports that “in the United States, the introduction of a temporary paid sick leave resulted in an estimated 50% reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases per state per day.”

Given the kinds of health needs that might require paid sick leave (which include providing essential workers with paid leave when they are sick, have been exposed, need to self-isolate, need time off to get tested or vaccinated, and when their workplace closes due to an outbreak), the Science Advisory Table estimates that the amount of time off needed could be a minimum of two hours to a maximum of two work-weeks.

With health and science experts pointing to the huge reduction in COVID-19 cases that can result from paid sick days, it is important to keep pressure on the provincial government to provide more comprehensive protection for the public and for workers who need to stay home when sick.

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Three Paid Sick Days is Not Enough for Ontario Workers

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cc: Andrea Horwath, MPP, Leader of the Opposition; Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario; Mark Schreiner, MPP, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario; Taras Natyshak, MPP; Michael Coteau, MPP; Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition

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