The Liberal Government Chose to be a Force for Bad Rather than a Force for Good!

26, April, 2017Posted by :Saroeun Boodram

By Marcia Gilbert
Program Coordinator


The Liberal Government Chose to be a Force for Bad Rather than a Force for Good!

Once again the Liberal Government has chosen to balance a budget on the backs of the poor! ISARC Chair, Reverend Susan Eagle stated, “Budgets, not talk, tell us the real priorities of a government. For more than a decade the government has given little more than lip service to repeated election promises to close the gap between the have and have-not populations of our province.” She went on to say, “Unfortunately, this budget tells us that the Wynn government is prepared to pay off the deficit on the backs of the hungry, the homeless and the marginalized of our communities!”

Nobody should be fooled by the government proceeding with its pilot project for a Basic Income. It appears to be its only initiative it is taking on the poverty file. The Pilot Project will run for 3 years and will help only 4,000 people and will ignore 37.5% of the Ontario population who are living below the low income measure!

Low income Ontarians, struggling single parent families, persons with disabilities and others left behind by the economy cannot wait for the magic bullet of the Basic Income down the road to assist them in putting food on the table and a roof over their heads today.

In addition to not meaningfully raise social assistance rates, the Government has neglected to increase its investment in social housing. The Government has been in possession of the Final Report of the Changing Workplace Review for some weeks now. The Government should immediately table the Final Report and announce a legislative timetable to debate and passage before the end of this calendar year for legislation to protect precarious workers.

The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) is a provincial network of faith groups working together for greater social justice while addressing systemic issues of poverty, exclusion and marginalization in our province. ISARC contributes to new public policies based upon greater justice and dignity for Ontarians marginalized by poverty.



Marcia Gilbert, Coordinator

Rev. Susan Eagle, Chair