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OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH – Overcoming Ontario’s Poverty Pandemic
Written and edited by: Murray MacAdam

March 16, 11:30-12:30

This free online book launch celebrated the publication and release of Overcoming Ontario’s Poverty Pandemic. We heard from featured faith leaders, community organizers, and low-income activists, and discovered how to take action to help our low-income neighbours.

Select Speakers:
Bishop Michael Oulton – Anglican Bishop of Ontario
Bishop Douglas Crosby – Bishop of Hamilton
Select Voices From the Margins participants with lived experience
And more

Book Abstract:
Another pandemic was already disrupting for nearly two million Ontarians before COVID-19 struck: poverty. What did it mean for day-to-day life? What impact has the pandemic had ? Low-income people spoke about their challenges at community hearings across Ontario, organized by the ISARC interfaith anti-poverty coalition. Their powerful first-hand accounts and proposals for action to improve their lives, make Overcoming Ontario’s Poverty Pandemic a vital resource for education and advocacy.

ISARC Religious Leaders Forum 2020

Forum report by Murray MacAdam

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Watch the official event video

Video Times:
Theological Reflection – Rev. Lois Wilson (7:26)
Keynote Speaker – Sheila Regehr (20:55)
Keynote Speaker – Jamie Swift (44:09)
Keynote Q&A (1:11:20)

Advancing a Livable Income:
Overcoming Ontario's Poverty Pandemic

The ISARC Religious Leaders Forum is a yearly gathering with the goal of informing and animating faith leaders as they engage with government decision makers and members of their faith communities in the area of issues that affect Ontario’s most vulnerable communities. 

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Recent News

This article by Murray MacAdam reports on ISARC’s first online religious leaders forum that took place on November 25th, 2020.

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This letter outlines recommends for the Ontario Government’s Commission into Long-Term Care, outlining guidelines to ensure a high standard in the conduct of its mandate. 

Endorse Here

On June 25th, 2020, the Rev. Alex Wilson and the Rev. Susan Eagle presented ISARC’s submission on Bill 184 before the provincial Standing Committee on Social Policy. 

Join the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO) in sending a quick e-mail about Bill 184 to Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, Steve Clark, here.


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