Make a Difference!

The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) is a non-partisan provincial network of faith groups working for greater social and economic justice. ISARC was created so that together a coalition of faith groups could contribute to new public policies based upon greater justice and dignity for Ontarians marginalized by poverty. ISARC has taken the lead in mobilizing the faith community in support of the Campaign for $15 and Fairness.

What is ISARC doing and planning for 2017-2018?

  • As Ontario approaches a provincial election, ISARC plans to equip people of faith across the province with training and resources to ensure that the gains made in Bill 148 are fully implemented;
  • ISARC will continue to push for additional legislation beyond Bill 148 to improve the lives of tens of thousands of precarious workers in Ontario;
  • ISARC is launching a special outreach campaign to reach younger adults. Millennials are the ones most impacted by precarious work while composing an important segment of the electorate who can help make the promise of Fair Workplaces and poverty reduction real;
  • ISARC will work to make poverty reduction become election issue and continue its efforts to secure implementation of the measures in the Government’s Roadmap for Income Security to improve the lives of people in poverty – to support increasing social assistance rates and increased funding for affordable housing;
  • ISARC will be playing a role in the review of long term care homes to achieve better protections and conditions of care for residents and to better support the work being done by hands on care providers;

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Please check with your Faith Leaders and House of Worship to encourage them to become part of ISARC!