Rev. Dr. Susan Eagle (Chair), United Church of Canada

Imam Habeeb Alli, Canadian Council of Imams Add

Arliene Botnick, Solel Congregation of Mississauga

Jeffrey Brown, Canadian Unitarian Council

Ryan Friedman, Darchei Noam Reconstructionist Synagogue

Greg deGroot-Maggetti, Mennonite Central Committee of Ontario

Nathan Gilbert, Darchei Noam Reconstructionist Synagogue

Elin Goulden, Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Rev. Michael Hackbusch, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Imam Abdul Hai Patel, Ansaar Foundation

Val Elliott Hyman, Darchei Noam Reconstructionist Synagogue

Tara Kainer, Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul

Suzanne Klein, Darchei Noam Reconstructionist Synagogue

Roger Lawler, Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario

Imam Irshad Osman, Muslim Community

Dion Oxford, Salvation Army of Canada and Bermuda

Jim Paddon, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Jack Panozzo, Catholic Charities

Rabbi Michael Satz, Holy Blossom Temple

Rabbi Shalom Schachter, Toronto Board of Rabbis

Pandit Roopnauth Sharma, Council of Canadian Hindus

Jamie Swift, Sisters of Providence

Rev. Alex Wilson, Presbyterian Church in Canada

Margaret Flynn, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Danny Bourne, Society of St. Vincent de Paul