• Human Dignity
    The right of all people and their communities to be treated with justice, love, compassion, and respect, and their responsibility to treat others likewise.
  • Mutual Responsibility
    The obligation of communities to care and share with their people, ensuring that basic needs are met.
  • Social Equity
    The right of all people to adequate access to basic resources, to full participation in the life and decision-making of their communities.
  • Economic Equity
    The right of all people and communities to adequate access to the resources necessary for full lives, including access to worthwhile work, fair employment considerations, and our communal responsibilities to use such resources responsibly.
  • Fiscal Fairness
    The right of all people, communities, and institutions to fair fiscal treatment and the responsibility of all to contribute fairly for the well-being of all.
  • Ecological Sustainability
    The obligation of communities to practise responsible stewardship of the earth and its environment, so that creation might be preserved for generations to come.