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The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) is a provincial network of faith groups working together for greater social justice. ISARC was born out of the hope that together a coalition of faith groups could contribute to new public policies based upon greater justice and dignity for Ontarians marginalised by poverty.

ISARC represents the solidarity of the diverse faith communities in Ontario engaged in advocacy efforts for the elimination of poverty in Ontario.  ISARC is listening to the needs of people living in challenging economic and social times and helping faith communities to join the problem-solving process with other organizations.  Community development is foundational to the approach of ISARC’s projects and activities to ensure sustainable, moral and ethical solutions to the systemic issues of poverty, exclusion and marginalization in our province.

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Did You Know?

Ontario’s child poverty rate is the fourth highest in Canada — 44% of all low-income children in Canada live in Ontario.


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