Prayer Vigil at Queens Park on Oct 6, 2016

It’s not every day that one sees Christian ministers, an Imam, a Rabbi and a Buddhist Priest under the same tent, praying for the poor and for the leaders of our province. The ISARC interfaith prayer vigil was more than a symbol of our solidarity with each other and our common purpose of standing against poverty. It was a statement to the world of how we should work together, in the face of all the other narratives that suggest otherwise; ones that promote hatred, alienation and distrust.
The one and half hour event at Queens Park had among other faith leaders and community members the following:

  • Imam Habeeb Ali
  • Rev Bhante Saranapala (Buddhist)
  • Rev Sister Joan Atkinson (from London, ON)
  • Rabbi Michael Satz
  • Rabbi Shalom Schachter
  • Rev Dr Susan Eagle
  • Rev Isaac Kamta (Cameroon)

They prayed for each MPP by name and asked that they be given the wisdom to serve with justice and compassion. As you can see, the divine smiled on the group with great weather!


10, October, 2016Posted by :Chris Pullenayegem

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