Dear friends of ISARC:

As people of faith we believe it is our duty to uphold our provincial politicians and the people they serve in prayer, so that we all may be strengthened to act boldly to uplift our neighbours in poverty, who include one in every eight people in our province. Thanksgiving is a time when we traditionally are thankful for the blessings we’ve received. This festive celebration also challenges us to call to mind our disadvantaged in our midst. It is also significant that the vigil is held during the “week for Decent Work” that begins on Oct 1st and ends on October 7th, the World Day for Decent Work.

Therefore ISARC will hold a non-partisan prayer vigil on Thursday, October 6 from 11 am to 1 pm in front of Queen’s Park to stand with Ontario’s political leaders and offer our support in support of more forceful action on behalf of the most vulnerable in our society. Leaders from a range of faith communities will offer brief prayers at the vigil.

Our Prayer Vigil is not a lobbying engagement or a political protest nor is it a time for partisan politics. Rather, it is a prayerful gathering and an acknowledgement of the serious responsibility that our elected MPPs undertake in their role as elected representatives for all the people.

Please plan to attend the vigil and encourage others from your faith community to be there as well. You don’t need to attend for the full two hours of the vigil. Let’s show our commitment to stand alongside our leaders and the people of Ontario as we pray and work together against poverty.